Thursday, January 12, 2017

Powder Reviews


Hi Dolphins, 
I'm going to write reviews for some of my faves powder that I use on daily basis for different purposes, I repeat: different purposes. Why? Because I need them for some specific reasons, read along for further infos. 

- Review #1
Brand: Make Up For Ever
Type: Loose Powder 
Name: High Definition HD Powder
+ light weight 
+ soft texture
+ maximizing our final make up
+ giving the dewy kinda look for our face
+ good for acne prone skin
+ make our skin glow after touch up

+ apply this loose powder after compact/foundation as it isn't our main face cover and won't cover dark spots / pores / blemish on our face. 
+ price about IDR 490.000.


- Review #2
Brand: Too Faced
Type: Compact Powder
Name: Cocoa Powder Foundation
+ thick texture
+ total coverage for our face 
+ hiding our dark spots / pores / blemish
+ perfection looks 
+ suitable for night occasions 
+ glamour touch for our face
+ matte look
+ lovely cocoa smell

+ this one is perfect for our face on night / party time as this powder will give us glam look. 
+ price about IDR 480.000.


Review #3
Brand: Clinique
Type: Compact Powder with SPF 27/PA++
Name: Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup
+ light texture
+ suitable for day time use
+ perfect for every day use
+ SPF 27/PA++ for face protection 
+ good coverage for face
+ hiding acnes/pores/blemishes
+ safe for acne prone skin

+ for everyday use, this compact powder could run out easily & the price isn't cheap at all so be prepared to safe up some money, as in Jakarta, 1 ea of this item priced IDR 450.000 and will only last for about 1 month if you apply the powder every day to your face.