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dalam percakapan bersama Tuhan, juga beberapa orang yang saya percaya, namamu selalu ada...

The world is round and we're just small dots in the universe The Universe ~ Galaksi Bimasakti

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My Baby Cousin is Growing Up So Fast!!

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Praise God, Christ is risen! Thank You, Lord,for a costly empty tomb...a triumphant Savior...and a heart set free for all eternity!May His abundant joy and peace be wt u & ur fam this Easter & days ahead. Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 15:57)

A thoughtful reflection ...

Good to reflect on these characters as we enter Holy Week and Easter.

"I killed Jesus by Christina Mead"

While I read the story of Christ’s passion and death in the gospel of Matthew, I was looking for myself in the story. Which character am I? What is God trying to teach me? Well….
I think that I am every character in the story of the passion and death of Christ. And I think that’s the whole point.

I am the apostle

I am an apostle, sleeping in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:40). I’m prone and give in to laziness in the presence of holiness. I don’t put up a fight against the pull of distractions or sometimes even sleep.

I am Judas

I am Judas. Jesus has every right to call me both “friend” and “betrayer” barely 30 seconds apart (Matthew 26:46, 50). My heart is fickle and weak and sometimes my commitment to being Jesus’ friend is blown off on the whim of an emotion.

I am Caiaphas

I am Caiaphas, the high priest. I want Jesus to prove Himself to me (Matthew 26:63). I want signs and wonders to know that I really can trust Him. I want my prayers answered in my way. I want concrete proof over humble faith.

I am Peter

I am Peter. Sometimes I deny Jesus (Matthew 26:72). I deny Him in the face of the homeless when I chose to look away. I deny Him when I am afraid of being judged and condemned by those around me.

I am the Crowd

I am in the crowd yelling, “crucify Him” (Matthew 27:21-23). And I say it again and again every time I knowingly choose to sin.

I am Barabbas

I am Barabbas. I am chained in sin and holed up in the prison of my own pride. And instead of suffering the full punishment for my sins for which I am guilty… Christ takes my place (Matthew 27:26). And I often forget to thank Him.

I am Pilate

I am Pilate. I want to give up when life is too challenging (Matthew 27:24). I’m ready to wash my hands of Christianity when being a follower of Jesus means pursuing virtue over mediocrity, a life of prayer over a life of pleasure.

I am Simon of Cyrene

I am Simon of Cyrene (Matthew 27:32). I suffer reluctantly. I will take the cross but I won’t seek it. I’ll only take it if it’s been placed on my shoulders… and I don’t love it.

I am passer-by

I am a passer-by. These passers-by mocked Jesus while He was hanging on the cross (Matthew 27:30). How quickly they had forgotten all the good works He had done among their cities and towns. When popular opinion about Jesus changed, they followed suite. How quicklyI forget the good He’s done for me. In a brief moment of pain all my gratitude is forgotten and replaced by resentment.

I am one of the Roman soldiers

I am one of the Roman soldiers (Matthew 27:35). I killed Jesus. My sins were the reason He was nailed to that cross. It was my fault and I know it.

But sometimes…

I am the centurion. My eyes are opened to who Jesus is in my life (Matthew 27:54). My heart swells with the truth that God became man and died for me. And this knowledge brings me peace and a resignation to amend my life.

I am one of the women standing by the cross (Matthew 27:55-56). When I’m open to God’s grace, I can be a faithful and constant Christian. In the midst of pain and suffering, I can stay close to the cross. Jesus, my beloved, is my strength and He’s all I need.

I am Joseph of Arimathea (Matthew 27:59). Again, only by God’s grace, I can be selflessly compassionate, putting others’ needs before my own. Moved by God, I will use what He has given me in the service of others. My time, talent, and treasure are all for Him.

Sometimes I am every character in the story of the passion and death of Christ.We have to apply it to our lives today because the reality of it’s events matter today.
I killed Jesus. But I am also the reason He rose from the dead.

Do you have the courage to see yourself in these characters? Can you blame yourself for the nails in His hands? The stripes in His flesh? Do you realise that your sins killed Him, also? And that because of you, because of His intense, unending ❤LOVE❤ for YOU… He rose from the dead so that you may have life....

A Blessed Holy Week and A Happy Easter to all of u ❤️🙏

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Tanjung Pendam :)

This is how we do #Love

My Baby Love

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Reunited again #Love

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Karma & Dharma...

Easter Celebrations @ The Franklins Kemang

Egg hunt, Mexican food and wonderful chit-chat with BFFs... 


You know he loves you truly madly deeply,  when he spend time a lot with your family & loving them as his own, eventhough he knows that your family is not behaving well or abnormal or dysfunctional  😛😛😛 #9YearsAndCounting #LoveIsInTheAir

Easter 2016 #blessed

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Mine Visit

Kunjungan Dirjen Imigrasi, Irjen Pol Purn Ronny F Sompie ke Tambang Bawah Tanah DMLZ, Maret 2016

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Although they plan, The Lord also plans, And The Lord is the best planners

Bagaimana dengan Buka Kost?

Untuk Teman-Teman yang lagi mempertimbangkan bikin usaha Kost, dibawah ini check list nya yah...
Saya pribadi masih lebih senang berinvestasi ke saham dan properti tunggal (misal: rumah/apartemen kosongan yang bisa langsung disewakan), karena kalau bangun kost, saya dan suami belum punya waktu untuk memantau usaha tersebut, beda jauh dengan saham yang gampang sekali untuk dijalani, ibaratnya tinggal tutup mata dan beli juga bisa, karena investasi saham palingan cuma tinggal nunggu timing beli saat harga saham anjlok, lalu jual kembali saat saham/IHSG menguat :) Segampang & semudah ituuuhhh :) 

Tapi apa salahnya untuk menerapkan diversifikasi lho, artinya: dont put all of our eggs in one basket :) Jadi sebaiknya investasi disebar ke beberapa instrumen: saham, properti (kost, rumah, ruko, apartemen, tanah), bisnis, emas dll.


Check List Biaya Usaha Kost (kalau kurang mohon ditambahkan),

- Biaya IMB

- Biaya pengurusan sertifikat

- Biaya pembangunan Kost

- Biaya peralatan kamar:
(kasur, gorden, meja, lemari, AC dll)

- Biaya PBB tahunan

- Biaya Pajak bulanan (karena penyewa kost bayarnya bulanan)

- Gaji asisten/pembantu/satpam (optional) 

- Biaya kebersihan bulanan ke petugas sampah

- Biaya pasang listrik 1300 watt di masing2 kamar

- Biaya pemakaian air PAM bulanan

- Biaya service pembersihan AC (bila pake AC)

- Biaya pemeliharaan bangunan (kebocoran, pengecatan ulang, closet mampet, keramik rusak dll)

- Biaya PEST control & pemeliharaan anti rayap, tikus, kecoa, dll
(Update PEST control fee per Maret 2016: Rp 20.000-30.000/meter)

- Biaya Asuransi
(Karena yg tinggal di Kost adalah orang dengan bermacam-macam tabiat maka tidak ada salahnya kita mengasuransikannya supaya lebih terjamin, misal: asuransi kebakaran, asuransi bencana alam: gempa bumi, tanah longsor, kejatuhan pohon dll)

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