Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Recommended Tour Guide at Belitung

Hello Dolphins!

I just got back from Belitung island (it's in Sumatera, 50 minutes flight from Jakarta), below are the pictures...

In Belitung we can do snorkeling, swimming, island hopping (small island with white sandy beach), buying Songket Cloth & culinary. The beaches are clean and secluded not as crowded as Bali 🏄

I'm trying to help the local business by promoting our tour guide's contact number to you all... He's a very helpful person and genuine. He even gave free of charge snorkeling lesson. 

So here's his # Nopriadi +62817263653 

Feel free to ask him about Belitung Tourism. He could speak little English. 

Best time to visit: March to October (sunshine & good weather).

This is not an endorsement, I'm just a happy customer 🙏