Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Eve

Hengky and I are invited on a dinner with Kepala Departemen Imigrasi on New Year's Eve ;) We had a great nite as his family is really nice and actually they're our neighbor in Jkt ;) 

We sat for 4 hours straight with live music all mixed up with DJ playing our fave songs made me wanna dance ;) Too bad that this was actually a formal thing so I kinda slow down myself a bit hahahhaha ;) We left around 11pm as both of us we're very tired. Got home, take a shower and had a prayer with Heng, fingers crossing to each other and giving our thanks to The Lord ^_^ 

Terima kasih banyak Tuhan, Engkau telah memahkotai sepanjang tahun dengan kebaikanMu...

I'm wishing everyone had a great new year too ;)