Wednesday, October 8, 2014

White Teacups Collection

On previous post I talked about my teacups collection with chutney theme (colorful fruits on the side of the teacups), now I would like to show you my white teacups collection that I've been using in an abusive way #lol ;) Heng and I are using these teacups everyday and even though they're not from Corelle but they're a pretty much durable or should I say: tahan banting ;) 

We have 2 size of teacups, the bigger ones usually for our tea party and the little ones are for Heng's cappuccino & it's from Ritual collection that a friend bought us from Paris. You know how hard to find a perfect cappuccino cup here in Indo rite! So no wonder that Mr Busyman is extremely excited with those petite cups... 

I'm so obsessed with teacups and glassware, I might gonna steal some of my mom's collection in Cijantung and bring those cuties to our Kamoro home! Now, tell me what's your fave teacups series? Are you collecting those pieces? 

Meantime, please enjoy mine!