Sunday, September 21, 2014


I was tagged by Gabriella & Pusnist Lia to write down #20factsaboutme & here's my list:

1. I rarely go to church but I do believe in God, Archangel & the power of prayers...

2. I was born when my dad had a VC (a secret instruction among the Kopassus for kontak senjata with the fretilin in East Timor) therefore my middle name is Veronica Costantine. 

3. It was love at the 1st sight when I met my husband. On our 1st date we spent 4 straight hours of non stop conversation! Heng & I got married after 9months dating (mana tahannn, Hajar Bleehhh)😝

4. Setelah nikah, I moved to Phoenix nemenin Heng kerja disana but then I realized, I can't live too far from my family, tempe goreng & cah kangkung so I think living abroad for long period of time isn't really my thing... #orangCijantung

5. It took 7 years to finish my bachelor degree in Psychology but I don't regret anything bout it since I was working & studying at the same time back then...

6. I suck in math, harus ngulang 3kali sampe bisa lulus statistik, that's why I'm so thankful to have Heng yg mau-aja ngerjain bab 3 skripsi saya sampe slesai 😝 

7. I failed on a beauty pageant on 2004 but give it a 2nd try on 2005 and succeeded >>  So, for you out there: never ever give up on something you really want... 

8. I'm obsessed with fashion & I love having myself posing (or pretending -to be exact) lookin' like a supermodel 😝

9. Keranjingan sama tifa & ukiran khas Asmat Kamoro, tiap ke tokonya saya selalu kayak orang kesurupan, rasanya semua perlu diangkut ;) 

10. Pottery Barn, Ikea & Ethnicraft are my ultimate home decor inspirations 🏑🌷🌻

11. I can't eat too much meat, Selalu berasa eneg kalo kebanyakan daging. I'd prefer fish/tofu instead. I'm halfway being a devoted vegetarian but always fail when seeing Heng eating sate ayam πŸ˜œπŸ—πŸ’

12. I'm a claustrophobic & I have aerophobia but thank goodness for Xanax & Doa Bapa Kami that calm me down so I cud sleep well along the way✌️😜

13. I'm a Francophile, in love everything bout Paris. Back to college time, I took French language course & been planning to visit southern France some day πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

14. Just like Puanist Lia, I also love animals esp dogs (I have 20+ dogs at my Jkt home) 🐾🐩🐾

15. I'm an OCD, I cud double check, re-check & check-check berkali-kali just to make sure every thing are on schedule / in its place ⚠️

16. Raja Ampat, Solo, Penang, Santorini, Spain, Scandinavia & Eastern Europe are always on my traveling list. We only live once & the world is so big. Kejar-kejaran dgn waktu nih ;) ✈️✈️🚁🚁⚓️⚓️

17. I have a huge interest on Palmistry, Metaphysics & Buddhism. I love reading books regarding those topics & sit down for hours to fulfill my curiosity.

18. I love kids & one of my goal is to dedicate my life seeing each kids happy so that they can build a better future πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬πŸ‘«

19. Smua HP yg saya terima adalah lungsuran dari Heng karena saya ga gitu suka ikutin trend HP/gadget tapi menurut saya penemuan tercanggih abad ini adalah Internet Banking! No need keluar rumah& antre-antre ;)

20. I love sharing my life experience thru writings & I met lots of wonderful people thru my blog & instagram πŸ’‹