Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gadis Gadis SQ

Devina, tqvm 4 the invitation! MBM & I are so happy for both of U... 

May the blessings from above always fulfill U & your Sayang...

(*bahkan sejak pertama ketemu saat kuliah dulu, Dedev udah keliatan aura dewinya: cantik & baik) 

She's a senior flight attendant on Asia's leading airlines & her traveling story is just amazing! One of the job that I envy the most >> The pretty & helpful SQ Gals with their uniform size hanya S seumur hidup selama kerja! Yesss it takes lot of commitment to have that job...And one of them is my Devina!! 

Thankyou for sharing your life w/us Dedev... Lizzie, me & all of us are happy 4 U 💋