Friday, May 23, 2014

Oleh-Oleh dari New Orleans

We had a great chat last nite with Steve, from fave vacation spot in Miami, to accidentally meet-up with some Indonesians in New Orleans, from Asia's best airlines to Mely's rapid improvement in English... I'm so proud of this biracial couple. As I hug Steve closely, my brain reminiscing back to the time where I first met Mely at gedung Mustika Ratu on penjurian Puteri Indonesia 2004, I can't believe we've been thru this far, this long, this deep in the name of friendship... I whisper to him, "please take a good care of my Gals..." Best prayers for Mely & baby Angela. Thankyou for the scarf & the chocolate... And on top of all, thankyou for always having my name well-written in your memory...