Friday, April 18, 2014

Gals Day Out at Laduree Paris

I'm so happy that my trip to Paris last month, I could manage some time to go to Laduree with my current fave gal: Mbak Disti. She's the owner of United Dance Work at Kemang Jaksel :) Accidentally we're kinda find ourselves having same fashion sense ;) I adore her entrepreneurship, running business with 2 kiddos aren't easy at all, but she can do it all. Hebatttt!!!

Anyway, on that day, She and I had a great time together having lunch, tasting Laduree's famous macaroons and sipping a glass of white wine. Up until today I'm still wondering what kind of wine that they served us coz it tastes sweet and crisp at the same time ;) Am not a big fan of wine but I like the way it tastes tho Hahahhahaa ;) The server lady told me that it's a rose wine (a few minutes latter I realized that it's actually not white but more like a rose wine, pardon my jet lag eyes hahahaha). 

Anyway, Laduree on that afternoon was packed with people, actually: beautiful people... The women dress nicely and the man are gorg! Macaroons taste so soft and melted easily in my mouth, not too sweet and so yummie. They have different tastes: chocolate, creme or strawberry! I could put all those macaroons inside my mouth if only Mbak Disti wasn't there Hahahhahaa ;) 

The other thing that we both love about Laduree is: they decorate their cafe like a true Parisian aristocrat dining room and the place is so cozy that successfully made us feeling like a Royal hahahahahah ;) 

We love the place so much! I cudn't wait to go back there ;) thank you Lord for the opportunity... I cudn't ask for more as your blessing keeps showering me!