Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reading Room at Kemang

There's a new hang out place (again in Kemang) that made me wanna stay and spend my whole weekend there. The place is having a great concept that combined a library and a cafe altogether. 

We could sit down, read a book and sipping a cup of coffee. Reading room is owned by a popular Indonesian writer: Richard Oh and he has an enormous book collection inside the cafe. On the second floor you could read his private collection with no charge but you have to show your ID to the staffs. 

I was amazed with his book collection coz I saw thousand of books there! I heard that some time, famous writers do held book signing event here. 

This is a great concept for a cafe! I wish I could own this kinda business out in Papua so that people esp. students could come, read lots of book, have a drink, hang out with their friends and go back home with their mind full of wisdom and knowledge... 

Anyway Reading Room is located at Kemang Timur, Jakarta Selatan.