Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Periplus Kemang

I would say that out of all beautiful and cool cafe in Jakarta, Periplus at Hero Kemang is my fave! The banana cake is perfect and their book collections are marvelous! Plus, they play great music too... I always like the concept of bookstore mixed with coffee shop. I could sit there forever! Heng also enjoy the place so much... because He could read books and sipping his coffee at the same time. This place reminds us of Barnes & Noble Bookstore in US! 

On weekend this place is quite full with people, expats and locals gather together  reading and sipping tea or coffee. They also have a wide range breakfast/lunch menu from omelette to pasta, from fruit salad to grilled chicken and they have fresh juices too... 

The book store having an enormous collections! Sometime they have crazy sale, up to 70% off. Don't forget to join as a member to get 10% discount for every book purchase.

And I would like to wish that I hope hope hope hope that someday... Someday... We could have a house near to this neighborhood ;) Amen!