Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Paul French Bakery at Jakarta

Happy new year 2014 for my lovelies! 

To open this fab year, me and my besties had a great brunch at Paul French Bakery at Pacific Place, Jakarta. 

The place is so popular! I bet that currently this is the newest, the coolest & hippest hang out place in town, because I had to wait 30 minutes prior (too bad I didn't make a reservation and actually I wasn't aware of how happening the place is! And that I knew about this bakery from my dear Prita). 

We ate mixed salad (tuna salad, bread salad and mango&shrimp salad) which taste good actually they are very good because the dressing that they put inside is so damn tasty! At first, I was a bit resistant for eating those since I read too many article about people (in Jakarta) getting poisoned by salmonella or any other bacteria inside their salad but I didn't get any problem after eating and am willing to go back there with Mister Busy Man ofcourse! Price for salad per portion is around 95k to 120k. We also tried the macaroon but I didn't like it coz it's too sweet (I'm currently on a diet hahahaha). 

I like the place there, cozy and packed with beautiful people. They have this cool veranda and in-door dining also with bakery display inside. We must have been so full of excitement either because of the conversation or the bakery or because of the place that we sat there for 4 hours straight! Crazy rite? Yes! We came at 11.30am and we sat down there until 15.30pm with a continuous topic and overflowing drinks! 

I love my gals so much... 

Anyway, we enjoyed out brunch there!