Tuesday, January 21, 2014

High Tea at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

I'm so happy that finally I had time to have tea time with my Lizzie at Fountain Lounge Hyatt Jakarta! For those who doesn't know her, you should follow her twitter at Lizzie Santosa 83. She's a famous psychologist, education expert and also a motivator. Yet, she's also a fashionable career woman! She's my bff since our college time, I can't believe how time flies! I've known her for 12 years now... So happy to have her in my life... 

Anyway, I also invite my current bff, Mulia whom is my neighbor from the mining city ;) She's also a good friend of mine that loves to cook. She made a mouth watering Japanese cheese cake and delivered it to my home! How crazy is that! 

So both friends are gathering and they have great time together with me sipping our tea and lots of cake! 

The best thing about having high tea here is all staffs treating you like a queen! All of them are nice. We could replace the sugar and asked for a honey, or even have the staff to refill our tea pot with hot, very hot water. Love this place so much!!!