Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ethnicraft Indonesia

For those who know me closely, all of them would recognize easily that I am a huge fans of anything related to architecture, interior design and fine living. I eat all design books as my daily vitamin. Since high school, I've been so familiar with Vinoti, Vivere and Floral Home (retail furniture stores in Jakarta). I've spent most of my visit there with staring and admiring all of those pretty furnitures.

Last year, when Heng and I sat down with our home Architect talking about BSD renovation project, accidentally we were introduced to Ethnicraft from him. The architect gave us the Ethnicraft e-catalogue and we take a look together. Few weeks after, Heng and I managed our time to visit Ethnicraft which located close to our house, and it's a surprised that after our first visit to the store, both Heng and I fell in love rite away with their design line! Their products are made from hard/solid wood: teak wood, oak wood, etc; which ofcourse those woods mean: quality! Their furniture design is talking more about ethnic, contemporary and modern style which perfectly what we are looking for! 

I bought some furnitures here after spending days and nights dreaming about them! Anyway, their products are fabricated in Tegal -  Central Java so then we have to wait for 2 months prior. But don't worry, remember what people say: "Good things are worth the wait..." 

Have a tour to their boutique at BSD Tangerang and get yourself mesmerized by those beautiful furnitures! 

*look for Yanis or Daniel to help you around, they are nice and helpful. If you are spending IDR 20.000.000 you could get 5% off. And if you are Spending IDR 40.000.000 you'll get 10% off and they are willing to make a customized furniture for your particular room. Isn't it great?!!