Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lunch-Date: Marugame Udon

There's a new Japanese restaurant in town that was opened last year. I've seen many of my friends uploading their pic on Instagram doing ridiculous queuing for a bowl of this famous Udon and Tempura kinda thing. I myself are not a big fans of Udon. Accidentally, Lucy - a good friend of mine asked me to try this Resto on a lunch-date. 

And taaaa-daaaa!!! Surprised! Surprised! The udon tastes good, and so very yummie! This is I think the yummiest udon I've ever taste tho ;) Good thing is, they have branches all over Jakarta and vicinity; Ganci, Kokas and SMS are my faves! Now go get your own bowl ;) 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reading Room at Kemang

There's a new hang out place (again in Kemang) that made me wanna stay and spend my whole weekend there. The place is having a great concept that combined a library and a cafe altogether. 

We could sit down, read a book and sipping a cup of coffee. Reading room is owned by a popular Indonesian writer: Richard Oh and he has an enormous book collection inside the cafe. On the second floor you could read his private collection with no charge but you have to show your ID to the staffs. 

I was amazed with his book collection coz I saw thousand of books there! I heard that some time, famous writers do held book signing event here. 

This is a great concept for a cafe! I wish I could own this kinda business out in Papua so that people esp. students could come, read lots of book, have a drink, hang out with their friends and go back home with their mind full of wisdom and knowledge... 

Anyway Reading Room is located at Kemang Timur, Jakarta Selatan. 


Iwan Fals - Satu Satu
Satu satu daun berguguran
Jatuh ke bumi dimakan usia
Tak terdengar tangis tak terdengar tawa
Redalah reda

Satu satu tunas muda bersemi
Mengisi hidup gantikan yang tua
Tak terdengar tangis tak terdengar tawa
Redalah reda

Waktu terus bergulir
Semuanya mesti terjadi
Daun daun berguguran
Tunas tunas muda bersemi

Satu satu daun jatuh kebumi
Satu satu tunas muda bersemi
Tak guna menangis tak guna tertawa
Redalah reda

Waktu terus bergulir
Kita akan pergi dan ditinggal pergi
Redalah tangis redalah tawa
Tunas tunas muda bersemi

Waktu terus bergulir
Semuanya mesti terjadi
Daun daun berguguran
Tunas tunas muda bersemi


Setelah 2 tahun tinggal di Phoenix dan 4 tahun tinggal di Tembagapura, akhirnya saya nonton siaran TV Jakarta secara full time beberapa waktu terakhir. Salah satu stasiun TV yang lumayan bagus adalah NET TV, isinya mendidik dan stylish banget ya... Saya gak suka nonton sinetron atau acara lawakan yang tanpa konsep jelas. Tapi juga saya gak gitu suka nonton berita terus menerus... Akhirnya buka NET TV melulu nih... 

Saat buka stasiun ini, lagu berjudul Satu Satu dari Iwan Fals sangat sering diputar. Liriknya menyentuh banget. Tiap dengar lagu ini, timbul paradoks dalam pikiran. Saya ingat masa lalu dan masa kini sekaligus. Saya ingat mama papa juga masa depan secara bersamaan. Saya ingat oma opa dan ponakan juga... Flash back memori juga rencana dan angan di masa depan langsung terlebur menjadi satu bercampur dalam hati... 

Lagunya bagus banget... Sangat menyentuh... Seperti media saya untuk merenung tentang masa muda dan kebaikan mama papa, dan juga pemacu untuk selalu memberikan yang terindah kepada mereka sekarang dan di masa mendatang... Teringat juga bahwa hidup ini singkat, kita akan pergi dan ditinggal pergi... 

Bener bener terhanyut oleh lagu ini... 

Ethnicraft Indonesia

For those who know me closely, all of them would recognize easily that I am a huge fans of anything related to architecture, interior design and fine living. I eat all design books as my daily vitamin. Since high school, I've been so familiar with Vinoti, Vivere and Floral Home (retail furniture stores in Jakarta). I've spent most of my visit there with staring and admiring all of those pretty furnitures.

Last year, when Heng and I sat down with our home Architect talking about BSD renovation project, accidentally we were introduced to Ethnicraft from him. The architect gave us the Ethnicraft e-catalogue and we take a look together. Few weeks after, Heng and I managed our time to visit Ethnicraft which located close to our house, and it's a surprised that after our first visit to the store, both Heng and I fell in love rite away with their design line! Their products are made from hard/solid wood: teak wood, oak wood, etc; which ofcourse those woods mean: quality! Their furniture design is talking more about ethnic, contemporary and modern style which perfectly what we are looking for! 

I bought some furnitures here after spending days and nights dreaming about them! Anyway, their products are fabricated in Tegal -  Central Java so then we have to wait for 2 months prior. But don't worry, remember what people say: "Good things are worth the wait..." 

Have a tour to their boutique at BSD Tangerang and get yourself mesmerized by those beautiful furnitures! 

*look for Yanis or Daniel to help you around, they are nice and helpful. If you are spending IDR 20.000.000 you could get 5% off. And if you are Spending IDR 40.000.000 you'll get 10% off and they are willing to make a customized furniture for your particular room. Isn't it great?!! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flip Out Hairstyle

For the past months, I've been obsessed to grow my hair longer than usual because I want to look like a Greek Goddess. And my current inspiration is Tonia Buxton. She's a famous chef on TLC channel that has a gorg Mediterranean face (with a long hair) that runs a show called My Cypriot Kicthen ;) She's so pretty!!! 

So I went to a beauty salon and Yoyo asked me not to cut my hair (ofcourse that he would say that because every other month I would have him cut my hair and he said I cudn't get a long hair if I keep on cutting my hair hahahahah)

*i do think that I look like her tho ;) coz we both have black hair! LOL ;)

From AM to PM

As I grow older, I realized that I don't need many friends on Facebook or million followers on Instagram, just need a few good one to color my life... And thanked God that I have them from AM to PM. 

*Had a gr8 time at Fish&Co Pacific Place Jakarta, eating big huge seafood plater together!

Periplus Kemang

I would say that out of all beautiful and cool cafe in Jakarta, Periplus at Hero Kemang is my fave! The banana cake is perfect and their book collections are marvelous! Plus, they play great music too... I always like the concept of bookstore mixed with coffee shop. I could sit there forever! Heng also enjoy the place so much... because He could read books and sipping his coffee at the same time. This place reminds us of Barnes & Noble Bookstore in US! 

On weekend this place is quite full with people, expats and locals gather together  reading and sipping tea or coffee. They also have a wide range breakfast/lunch menu from omelette to pasta, from fruit salad to grilled chicken and they have fresh juices too... 

The book store having an enormous collections! Sometime they have crazy sale, up to 70% off. Don't forget to join as a member to get 10% discount for every book purchase.

And I would like to wish that I hope hope hope hope that someday... Someday... We could have a house near to this neighborhood ;) Amen! 

High Tea at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

I'm so happy that finally I had time to have tea time with my Lizzie at Fountain Lounge Hyatt Jakarta! For those who doesn't know her, you should follow her twitter at Lizzie Santosa 83. She's a famous psychologist, education expert and also a motivator. Yet, she's also a fashionable career woman! She's my bff since our college time, I can't believe how time flies! I've known her for 12 years now... So happy to have her in my life... 

Anyway, I also invite my current bff, Mulia whom is my neighbor from the mining city ;) She's also a good friend of mine that loves to cook. She made a mouth watering Japanese cheese cake and delivered it to my home! How crazy is that! 

So both friends are gathering and they have great time together with me sipping our tea and lots of cake! 

The best thing about having high tea here is all staffs treating you like a queen! All of them are nice. We could replace the sugar and asked for a honey, or even have the staff to refill our tea pot with hot, very hot water. Love this place so much!!!

Paul French Bakery at Jakarta

Happy new year 2014 for my lovelies! 

To open this fab year, me and my besties had a great brunch at Paul French Bakery at Pacific Place, Jakarta. 

The place is so popular! I bet that currently this is the newest, the coolest & hippest hang out place in town, because I had to wait 30 minutes prior (too bad I didn't make a reservation and actually I wasn't aware of how happening the place is! And that I knew about this bakery from my dear Prita). 

We ate mixed salad (tuna salad, bread salad and mango&shrimp salad) which taste good actually they are very good because the dressing that they put inside is so damn tasty! At first, I was a bit resistant for eating those since I read too many article about people (in Jakarta) getting poisoned by salmonella or any other bacteria inside their salad but I didn't get any problem after eating and am willing to go back there with Mister Busy Man ofcourse! Price for salad per portion is around 95k to 120k. We also tried the macaroon but I didn't like it coz it's too sweet (I'm currently on a diet hahahaha). 

I like the place there, cozy and packed with beautiful people. They have this cool veranda and in-door dining also with bakery display inside. We must have been so full of excitement either because of the conversation or the bakery or because of the place that we sat there for 4 hours straight! Crazy rite? Yes! We came at 11.30am and we sat down there until 15.30pm with a continuous topic and overflowing drinks! 

I love my gals so much... 

Anyway, we enjoyed out brunch there! 

We are mixing Friendship with Fashion altogether!