Friday, December 20, 2013

My Mom is a Gangsta

When I'm sad, I usually cry on my bed and talking about my feelings straight away to Heng. But then if I get really really sad, I could just continue calling my mom and talk with her for hours and hours non stop every single day! 

My mom has this unique personality, she cud be rebelious yet religious at the same time. I mean like she cud say "Bangsat yah orang itu!" and a second after that she would continue saying "Tuhan tolong..." 

Even Heng would go laughing out loud listening our conversation...

So you know what I'm saying rite... My mom is a gangsta... But, I love her because she's the only person in this world whom willing to listen and having her ear on the phone for 3 hours straight just to make sure her daughter doing OK. She's the only person whom willing to burn the whole town if someone mess up her family. She's the only person whom willing to wake up at 12 am doing Tahajud, praying for me without asking for any grant. She's the only person whom I trust the most. And I know that she's the only person who never gets tired of listening to my never ending life drama.

I love you Maaaaa!


I bet your Mom would do the same incredible thing for you too Folks! Go call and talk to your Mom now, tell her how much you love her & give her some fab Xmas present :)