Monday, December 9, 2013

Domicille Salon at EX Plaza Indonesia

I had a great experience when visiting this salon accidentally. Heng had a meeting at Plaza Indonesia and since I've been there thousand of time, I got bored wandering around with just shopping this and that so I decided to go to a salon, I was trying to search Luvaze or Rudy but accidentally I met this beauty salon near to the EX junction. The salon is spacious and pretty, the staffs are nice. As usual, they would wash your hair with a gentle massage then will blow and make your hair look great. I had Ary who did blow and pressing my hair to it straightest ever! Thru the process I fell asleep straight away :) 

Anyway, fave part is: they asked various drinks for the guest... From coke to ginger tea to whatever drink you would like to have with no additional charge. Isn't it nice? Btw, I paid only IDR 130.000 for the service. Very cheap compare to Irwan or any other salon near to PI or GI area.

I recommend this salon for you beauty lovers! Go to Domicille and pamper yourself :)