Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Baked Goods - Menteng Jakarta

Hi Lovelies!
Last vacay on early September I had a chance to take my sister to meet up with my BFF, Prita! We met at The Baked Goods at Menteng to have breakfast ;) this was a rare occasion for both of us coz despite of we are living far away one another, you've known that Jakarta's traffic is crazy...
So then we meet up at a place where we're both spent 2 hours breakfast sharing laughters, joy, and happiness! 

She's about to make a huge career move and i'm so proud of her determination. May God bless her and her family...

OK now let's talk about the venue. The baked goods is one of cake shop surrounding Jalan Agus Salim that offers breakfast. They open everyday at 9am. If you are coming from Sarinah / McDonald then you have to stroll along the street until the end of Jalan Agus Salim, the cake shop is located just below the Kopi Tiam Pak Bondan. Cookies, cakes and hot/cold beverages available with lots of variety but do put in mind that they aren't sell rainbow nor red velvet cake. They said it's because they only sell stuffs naturally made from herbal/fruit extract. So if you're buying a piece of lemon cake than the cake itself is made from real lemon. In fact that The Baked Goods is one of few cake shop that sells cakes and cookies for diabetic customer. Isn't it great? I could've just eat everything here without feeling guilty also I could buy some stuffs for my Dad too :) 

 This cake shop owned by the famour husband & wife: Erwin & Jana Parengkuan. Since Jana's mother coming from eastern part of Europe, some stuffs get the influence of where she's coming from.

I ordered a cup of hot chocolate that I never regret in my life since the chocolate seemed melt inside my mouth, blended perfectly with my lemon cake. Hot Choco price IDR 28.000 & a slice of lemon cake is below IDR 30.000. They have price list on their website. I adore their Carrot Cake too :) Worth to try!