Friday, September 13, 2013

a happy holiday episode

I am so happy happy happy to have this short break with Mister Busy Man visiting Jakarta & Vicinities... Before having this trip, it got cancelled few times since Heng cudn't get his butt off from work. Mining and production related stuffs draw him back. His boss & his big boss, also his sub-ordinate begging him to stay... Jiahhh pegimane ceritanya kalo die kagak bole cuti nih urusan KTP pake foto sapa? nih urusan rumah baru pake tanda tangan sapa cobak... Hayooo cobak tolong dijelaskan pemirsah...

Cuzzz akhirnya kita berangkat cuti juga setelah Heng meyakinkan bakal update kerjaan by his cell :-) Yippie...

Day 1: Rimba Papua Hotel, Garuda Flight & Bogor Cafe

Alam Indah Resto located at Rimba Papua Hotel served the best donuts! Crazy huh? But I really like them heheheh :-) Buffett at this hotel cost IDR 95.000++ which I think it is pretty affordable esp when you could have lots of variety of food & cake :-)
The Garuda flight off to Jkt from Timika around 11.25am and We got lucky this time coz a colleague offers us to book front seat for both of us :-) I always love Garuda flight since they have great foods, smiley cabin crew and some newspaper we could read. We've arrived in Jkt around 4pm and my sister were kind enough to pick us so that we're all off to Hotel Borobudur at Central Jkt (near to Lapangan Banteng). After checked in, my sister, my father and I had a dinner at Bogor Cafe inside the hotel. We enjoyed the dinner so much, Bogor Cafe has lots of foods & cakes & drinks. They served western and Indonesian food. The signature menu of Bogor Cafe is Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup) and it tastes so damn good... Many people come here just for the sake of Sop Buntut. Hotel Borobudur actually more like a heritage hotel which has a unique design of traditional Indonesian culture a mix of Javanese and Balines altogether, they even have the miniature of Borobudur Temple near to the pool. Back to Bogor Cafe, the price for Buffett dinner service is around IDR 280.000++ it is including Sop Buntut. I love their red velvet cake, es cendol & their Dabu-Dabu Grilled fish. The food at Bogor Cafe isn't as much as what we had at Satoo Shangrila but I would say, they have quite a lot variety of national & western food. They have a good warm atmosphere inside the hotel too... The staffs are nice and helpful. Drinks are served in big portion. I spent time 2.5 hours with my sister & my dad, talking & eating at the same time while Mister Busy Man on a meeting. Spending time with family is priceless...

Day 2:
Hotel Borobudur. Safe Deposit Box. Pasar Baru. Floating Yoga @ Celebrity Fitness

We had breakfast again at Bogor Cafe. It was a nice ambience in the morning when you have chance to spend time with your loved one. I had bufett breakfast with Heng and the food is as good as what I had on dinner only this time, they have breakfast menu, the price for buffet service at breakfast time is around IDR 250.000+++ not bad since they have lots of food...

I am so happy that this time, I have a chance to do swimming while having vacation in Jkt. As you all know, I always have tons of things to do every time I visit Jkt (visiting family, checking houses, buying things, etc). Anyway, Hotel Borobudur had an olympic size swimming pool. I spent 50 minutes swimming there and really love their garden view while Mister Busy Man is running at the gym. Too bad i forgot to bring my swim glasses and my eyes got easily irritated after swimming straight away, making me looking like a drunk lady all day hahahhaha :-) red eyes syndrome! Lesson learned: never ever forget to take this swim glasses.

Since Mister has to attend Mining Expo, therefore I've made my own schedule. First stop: Bank Mandiri at Jalan Gatot Subroto Jakarta Selatan. Just to let every body know, if you all think that renting a safe deposit box at Bank Mandiri is pretty easy, you are wrong my friend. Well, the process is easy but to find which Bank Mandiri branch that has the box available is hard. Before visiting Jakarta, I've called Bank Mandiri here and there, this and that. I think, I've made phone calls 5 to 6 Bank Mandiri branches around Jkt and most of their safe deposit box are full and closed. You are on waiting list number bla-bla-bla if you want to. I am lucky enough to have 1 SDB available at Bank Mandiri at Jalan Gatsu. Mini SDB priced IDR 220.000 (incl tax) for 1 year period of renting. Key guarantee IDR 750.000 (you will get 2 keys, if you lose it, they'll have your money IDR 750.000, ask you for Surat Ket Kehilangan from the police station). Here are the process: you have to have valid ID/ KTP Jakarta (bukan KTP BODETABEK), your picture 3X4, sign a contract, pay the stuffs and voila! You'll be able to go inside of the SDB room accompany by the security. You could have surat perwakilan so that someone you trust could have the authority on behalf of you to open / to have the key of the box. That person should sign a letter and every time she/he goes in, you have to call Bank Mandiri and send them surat kuasa. I rented the mini SDB as I think it could fit our important docs (fold the paper), also small stuffs like gold bar, diamonds, jewelers etc.

Second stop: Pasar Baru. I haven't been here for such a loooong time! Finally, this time I could make it. Went to Pasar Baru to buy hair treatment series & a comb. Too bad I don't have time to taste the famous Bakmi Gang Kelinci. I accidentally found a guitar holder at the music store there for only IDR 170.000 :-) I miss the day when I was in college and with my friend shopping here :-) Pasar Baru has lots of variety of hair treatment series, textiles, shoes and many more... They have good price as well.

Third stop: FLoating Yoga at Celebrity Fitness. My sister and I had a chance to visit Celfit at La Piazza and to do Floating Yoga there. It was a lovely moment. We are not member but it is actually OK to just have a drop in class. Price per person is IDR 150.000 for 50 minutes Yoga. If you check out their website, Celfit has a wide variety of yoga classes. Been wanting to try jazz yoga some time! Thanks to Cindy Franklin for the info. If you are wondering who is she, hmmm you must fall in love with her. She marries the owner of Celfit! I envy her tall & skinny healthy body. So everytime I go to Celfit, I always remember her image and work harder with my body :-)