Monday, August 26, 2013

Jayapura for a short break :)

Syukur Puji Tuhan after such a long time and over 3 years I could go back to visit Jayapura and vicinities with Hubby Heng :) Heng actually has been visiting this place once a year for work related matters, since I was working and always ran-out-of-stock for my leave days therefore I cudnt go there as much as Heng.
Anyway here's the detail of what kinda things we'd love to do every time we visit Jayapura and vicinities. 

1. Merpati Airlines

Usually we take Airfast or Garuda but this time we went there with MZ. Here's the thing about MZ flight: you have to be really flexible, because some flights could have such a long delay for no exact reason to be told before time. Luckily, this time Mister & I only experiencing 20 minutes delay. The price is Rp 100k cheaper than Garuda but I heard from our travel agent that if you are canceling the flight, you have to pay the same exact regular price to reschedule your next flight. This won't happen if you buy Garuda. 

Too bad that from our city there's only 3 flights to take us from Timika to Jayapura which are: Airfast, Merpati and Garuda. Above all, Airfast is the cheapest one. Anyway inside MZ flight we only get 1 bread that taste delicious (I think it's because I'm hungry at that time LOL) and a cup of aqua. Not bad for a 30minutes flight tho :)

2. Seafood eatery by the sea at Ruko Pacific Dok 2

Actually we went there for 1 main reason: to get my credit card from BCA at Ruko Pacific Dok 2 after 5 in consecutive months of delay! I'm so glad that finally I got an approval to have my BCA credit card after I closed my BCA card right before moving to Phoenix Arizona on 2008 and going back to Indonesia makes me realized that actually most of my fave store & cafe are much more cheaper when we are paying with BCA card. BCA also keeps on continuing they're promotion with Starbucks, The Body Shop and XXI cinema. Therefore I reapply for the card but this time instead of having the Visa Batman I chose the Master MC2. I read on female daily that besides CIMB Niaga Master, BCA MasterCard also has the best exchange rate :) since Heng and I are an overseas frequent traveller it is obvious that I would do anything to have this BCA MC2 card.
And after getting that precious card, we went to a seafood restaurant at the same place (Ruko Pacific Dok 2) named Duta Seafood. This restaurant has the best grilled seafood you named it: prawns, fish, calamari etc. Heng and I went here several times and got so excited for their varieties of Sambal. They have Sambal Dabu-Dabu, Sambal Woku, Sambal Balado, Sambal this and Sambal that :) which i totally forgot what the name was for there are so many Sambal served on the table hihihihi :) we've tried the stir fry morning glory aka Cah Kangkung as well as their Sayur Tauge Ikan Asin and both taste delicious. What so special bout this place is because they're having the restaurant on the sea (building is on the water and made by strong scaffolding from local woods) so we could see the boat and the ship from Jayapura harbor from the restaurant as well as watching sunset :) One lovely experience with Heng by my side...
I have to thank Heng for being able to accompany me this time on his busy schedule managing DOZ Production :)

3. Beef Corned, Twisties Snack & Bakery at Jayapura Downtown

This is heaven on earth! I could buy those three of my most fave items all in one spot! In front of Primagarden bakery there is a small store (not even have a sign or sort of name on it) that is selling P&G beef corned and Twisties snack. Both are local foods that is taken from Papua New Guinea not sure if they're selling those legally coz we've asked the seller why don't they put the foods on the shelf and they said it is not allowed to display import products for the guess but they're actually selling the foods :) price is cheaper than Skyline area. a can of beef corned sold for IDR 70.000 and 1 box of 42 Twisties sold for IDR 165.000 I think this is a pretty good price :) this store also has banana cake :) and right after that we went to Primagarden which just across the street to have chocolate pie yummmm yummmm :)

Asked Heng for the location! He knows every thing about local eatery :)

4. Skyline to Enjoy The View & Fresh Coconut Milk

This is amazing. From Skyline we could see the view of Jayapura, the Sea, small surrounding island and also Lake Sentani. Mostly Jayapura will have a mild temperature not too cold not too hot and to enjoy the warm breeze of it we all should have the fresh drink from coconut milk :) 

5. Grilled Tilapia / Mujair Bakar 

There are numerous restaurant in Jayapura and vicinities serving grilled Tilapia. Tilapia isn't the type of local dish because actually the locals do fishing at the sea or at the lake. But since the Javanese took part the Transmigration program late 70s (I assume) then I think ever since the whole town growing this delicious fish. I heard that they have big pond and farm at Arso area or known as kabupaten Arso (we could find lots of Javanese farming over there). 
Anyway, we went to Nusantara Resto, Lestari Resto & Murni Rasa Resto to taste this grilled tilapia which is served with fresh veggies, and a very hot Sambal (I bet they put ginger inside the Sambal so the taste is spicy and hot enough to melt you down) hahaha! 

6. Base G Beach at Jayapura

Never miss this one beautiful exotic beach when you're visiting Jayapura. I personally think that this beach is actually more beautiful than Nusa Dua and hopefully the government could make the most of it. Its pristine white sandy beach is so amazing!! 
I just wish that people (local or the tourist) could have preserved the beach by not loitering anything into the beach... Love the nature please...

Anyway, the price for 2.5 hours parking is  IDR 50.000, ticket price to get in for 1 car IDR 10.000, bathroom price IDR 15.000/person. 

Heng enjoy taking pictures here. He made lots of wonderful pics thru his Iphone Lens. Love to see him happy and relax!

7. Mal Jayapura

This one is the newest edition of shopping center in Jayapura. I'm surprised that they have J.Co donuts, Matahari Dept Store and Expresso Coffee there :) 

8. Gramedia book store

Love love love their book collections here. The book store is clean and comfy enough to browse your hunger about books :)

9. Aneka Batik Papua

Of course that they will have this batik store here :) watch the price as they could be really expensive :)

10. Rempah-Rempah Restaurant at Abepura

Accidentally Heng and I went here. The place has Papua character inside. Cozy cafe concept, comfy enough with smoking and non smoking rooms available but too bad when we went there the choice of foods are limited and dunno why most of the foods are out of stock...

11. Yougwa Restaurant overlooking Lake Sentani

Serving local foods for many many years this restaurant has been an icon to the province. Loving the Papeda :) hot turmeric soup served fish fresh cooked fish... The place is as amazing as the food: set between the road and the lake. Enjoy the view while eating :)

12. Hawai Bakery at Sentani Jayapura

The bread tastes so good. We finally found it at Sentani Airport waiting area :) 

13. Red Bass, Tuna or Snapper at Dok 9 & Hamadi Area

The thing about Jayapura is: they have wide varieties of fresh fish to be sold :) we could even bargain the price. They even have a special container like a small igloo with the ice inside to put the fish as fresh as you can get in case you would fly them to other area :)

15. Four Star Hotels

Swisbel Hotel Jayapura, Aston Jayapura and Sahid Jayapura hotel are to name a few :) on 2010 Heng and I tried the banana fried at Swisbel Cafe seating in front of the pool watching sunset :) one lovely time :)

14. Garuda Indonesia

Finally we went back home with GA flight. Love this airline so much because of their premium service. First, they don't delay the flight without giving notification to all passengers BEFORE the check in time. Second, they have wide range local and national newspaper. Third, they have  a good on board entertainment system which we could watch video and listening to the music killing boredom. Another thing is: they also have GA magazine which I think it is a great mag as it has lots of review regarding travel destination around the world :) and of course the last but not least: GA serves better foods than other airlines! 
So that is why GA tix price is a bit higher :)


I'm looking forward to have another visit to Jayapura with Heng :)