Sunday, March 24, 2013

Things To Do at Tembagapura

I've been here since 2009. Its natural beauty never fail me. Tembagapura has scenic mountain view, although famous as a mining town, but Tembagapura offers lots of things to do. I'll write down my favorites.

1. Work and making money :)

Don't laugh! This is serious. I have found people all over the world working here, from miner, engineer, teacher, janitor or even a diamond reseller coming here to make money ;) and I do to! Been here 6 months and I got my job :) it's kinda bored if you're still young and not being productive at a time so seems like everybody is seeking opportunity here. Go get your fave job and apply for it. Plenty things to do, many job vacancy opens here.

2. Volunteering / Doing Charity

My boss' wife is a full time wifey, but she's as busy just as like me! She's raising fund to support local school. YPJ - Yayasan Pembangunan Jaya and MZIS - Mount Zaagkam International School are two local schools that are seeking volunteer to help them teaching/help to watch children at their school activities :) one of my best friend is volunteering to teach bahasa indonesia at Banti village.

3. Hiking To The Scenic Mountain View

Many people love to hike during weekend, the popular path is from mile 68 going up to mile 66 (Hidden Valley). Other track is: around West/Amole area to Oilfara. Or jogging around the Grasberg mine :) just like having a private mine tour. I usually go up to mile 66 with my hubby and ended up with sipping a cup of hot tea at hidden valley coffee shop :)

4. Gym at 68 or Gym at 66

You could choose either gym at 68 or at 66, both are equipped with life fitness brand. Various equipment are available here. My fave are: treadmill and cross trainer for cardio workout!

5. Aerobic at Gym 68

They offer personal trainer to dance and do aerobic with you every monday, wednesday, and friday in the morning and afternoon ;) the room is big and fit for 25 persons.

6. Lupa Lelah Club or LLC

Every night they serve different kind of delicious western food from hot stone steak, seafood delight, French menu or Mexican Fiesta ;) they have Sunday brunch with various menu ;)

7. Private Massage and Body Scrub

One of the lovely thing living in indonesia is to have a therapist with an affordable price to massage and scrub your body ;) Go to Rudy Hadisuwarno salon and have Mas Gatot or Wulan to pamper you...

8. Hair Spa by Loreal at Rudy Salon

They have Mas Yoyo who has the best hands to do back massage and also blow your hair beautifully ;) He cud cut your hair too...

9. Indonesian Food at Kokarfi

Kokarfi has a wide variety of Indonesian food and all of them taste good. Should try my fave: Udang Telor Asin and Vegetarian fried rice :)

10. Karaoke at Kokarfi

Sukaaaaa!!! Cud sing lots of song here ;)

11. Hidden Valley Coffee Shop

Perfect for getaway, have a cup of coffee or meals. Liked it a lot.

12. Mining tour to Grasberg

They have mining tour held every once in a while.

13. Fried Duck and Sundanese Food at St 23

Love the spicy food and the fried duck! Bu Rustam has the best sambal in the world ;)