Wednesday, December 26, 2012


managing several business,
a home with a tropical pool at Kemang,
spending Christmas in Salzburg-Switzerland,
owning a boutique hotel anywhere in Bali,
having a short getaway at Phuket with a private jet,
appartments in Singapore,
owning several houses to be rented,
shopping at Paris with Chanel purse hanging on my shoulder,
summer in Maldives,
wine testing at Napa Valley-SF,
accompanying Heng for business trips to Phoenix, AZ,
a blue jeans Birkin,
a private villa overlooking to the golf course at Bogor,
one black Jaguar with my initial name,
a foundation for the need ones,
one red Kelly Bag from Hermes,
vacation to Europe with our parents,
Pizza & Pasta testing in Tuscany-Italy,
relaxing at Santorini,
Apple plantation at Malang East Java
Culinary adventure at Manado North Sulawesi,
Clove plantation at Manado :)
Halloween party at The Zouk Singapore,
Sunbathing at Raja Ampat
Lovely tea time at Hyatt Jkt with our big family...