Friday, August 24, 2012

My Hair Story

Do you happen to know, behind a beautiful and successful woman there's always a gay man who stands for her ;)

I've known Ancis since I first worked at Freeport on mid of 2006, I know him from my BFF. There are not much hair stylist in Jkta could cut curly type of hair, therefore since I first met him I find kind of connection not only in a professional way but also we share some personal private life ;)

Our relationship grow stronger as I oftenly go to his salon to cut or doing other hair treatment as well as having him put some crazy wild color on my hair ;)

Ancis is the one who told me to pray every morning to express our gratitude from our Creator... We are no angel, we're sinner but thru our friendship we find encouragement to each other...

Wanna meet him? Well I'm not telling you bullshit but he's always on the run, book a schedule first and come.. He's at Indra Kusuma Salon at Plaza Semanggi, off day is Tuesday. He's good on cutting curly hair or doing crazy color :)