Monday, May 7, 2012

Tea Party at Nisye's Kamoro Home

This is how we enjoy mining town nowadays... Yess, by having a friendship tea party, and this time we're having it at my Kamoro Home :-) How lovely when all of my best girls gathered with their best look! We decided to have bandanas for our hair... How cute is that!! Erly made tasty hot ginger tea and all of us just happy having chit-chat together... We just discovered that before moving here, Rani worked as a Stylist at Cosmo Girl Magazine Jkt few years ago... She cud just help us mix and match our dress, isn't it wonderful? I always feel like I don't have enough clothes to wear every morning before going to work but in fact, I have 4 overloaded cubbies to store my wardrobes hakhakhak :-) LOL! So on that afternoon, we begged Rani to help us :-) Lovely time! The message is clear: no matter where you are, you're always need a friend and a cup of tea to comfort your day!