Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Baby @ My Kamoro Home

Hello there..
I'm so happy when Dr Kal Muller visited Tembagapura last week bringing many Kamoro carvings from the locals to be sell for us. It was a great experience to have a chance to talk about Kamoro Tribes with him. Dr Kal Muller spent years of service developing local community by promoting the Kamoro carvings all over the world (He conducted seminar and exhibition in Holland, Gemany, Mexico, Bali, etc).
Since I saw him interviewed by Desy Anwar, I'm getting even more obsessed to collect those Kamoro carvings.

Let's help our community by supporting them...

Here's my new baby fish that I bought yesterday and gladly I had a chance to take a picture with Pak Niko, the man who made my baby fish..
Also a bonus by having a pic with Dr Kal Muller himself.