Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Baby @ My Kamoro Home

Hello there..
I'm so happy when Dr Kal Muller visited Tembagapura last week bringing many Kamoro carvings from the locals to be sell for us. It was a great experience to have a chance to talk about Kamoro Tribes with him. Dr Kal Muller spent years of service developing local community by promoting the Kamoro carvings all over the world (He conducted seminar and exhibition in Holland, Gemany, Mexico, Bali, etc).
Since I saw him interviewed by Desy Anwar, I'm getting even more obsessed to collect those Kamoro carvings.

Let's help our community by supporting them...

Here's my new baby fish that I bought yesterday and gladly I had a chance to take a picture with Pak Niko, the man who made my baby fish..
Also a bonus by having a pic with Dr Kal Muller himself.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Dreaming of a Pool...

I took a little research for some of pool that has designed on land for less than 200 meter and I'm pretty surprised for the results... There are lots of pool being built from that small space...
I'm referring to for Indonesian style pool (on Bali section) and so happy to show these pics to our Architect...

Have a look...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Missing My Girls...

Dunia tak pernah berwarna-warni tanpa kehadiran dan kumpulan energi dari para sahabat...


Tell me what you want, so we could do just what you like...

Inspirasi Etnik

As i mentioned hundred of time, Rimba Papua's room always get me inspired.. Here's take a look one of their mock up room (rebuilt on 2011).

Building My Dream Home

Assikk banget akhirnya Heng dan saya punya rejeki dan kesempatan untuk bangun rumah impian... Kalau pada beberapa properti sebelumnya kami beli ready dari developer yaitu dimana desainnya sudah jadi, maka kali ini kami berdua sepakat untuk membeli sebidang tanah lalu menyewa jasa arsitek dan desainer interior untuk membangun rumah impian kami..
Awalnya cukup sulit mencari arsitek yg chemistrynya bisa langsung nyambung dengan kondisi kami yaitu tanah di Jkt sedangkan kami di Job site, selain itu juga ada chemistry masalah selera dan budget heheheh :)
Jauh jauh nyari arsitek eh malah ketemunya di Job site juga sih pun... Hihihi. Jadi sekalian saya kenalin di sini yah.. Nama arsitek kami adalah Pradianto dan ternyata Mas Anto ini kerjanya barengan Heng di UG Dept. Sebelum kerja disini diese sering megang proyek rumah, apartemen, toko dan perumahan.
Pokoknya kalo udah ada chemistry mah apa aja jadi ya makk heheheh
Saya cuma bilang mau punya rumah yg temanya tropical, ada walk in Closet, kamar mandi didalem kamar utama dan kamar utama yang besar...
Setelah nunggu Beberapa lama itu desain kok langsung kena dihati ya heheheh. Emang beda kalo beli rumah jadi dengan beli rumah pakai jasa arsitek... Kepuasannya bener bener beda cieeelahhh.. Mas Anto sudah tau perihal service area dan private area, terus dia juga pintar banget menempatkan area living room menghadap taman hehehe. Kamar juga semua ditempatkan di lantai dua. What i Most Loved about this home is i gotta have the walk in Closet yippeee!!!

Anyway sampai sekarang saya sama Heng masih menimbang untuk pembelian tanah dibelakang karena ada rencana untuk punya pool hihihi pokoknya kalo rumah idaman ga Ada pool mah keterlaluan Khan heheheh

Anyway, istrinya Mas Anto juga berprofesi sebagai desainer interior dan udah bangun banyak proyek. Bener bener duet maut deh mereka ini...

If you would like to know more about his design you could email me and I'll put you thru them ya..

Anyway here is our tips to build a dream home:
Explore and find your personal style, Kalo gue sih suka rumah tropical yg bukaannya banyak dan High ceiling biar legaaaa.
Bawa semua gambar dan ide ke arsitek supaya dia kenal sama preferensi selera kita.
Kalau dana belum mencukupi jangan kuatir untuk mencicil prosesnya, misal bulan ini bangun pondasi dulu and enam bulan lagi dinding atau lantai bawah. Sesuaikan saja dengan budget dan konsultasikan rentang waktu dan rencananya dengan arsitek.
Harus detail oriented, misal mau pakai lantai parquet di kamar utama (kayak saya), atau mau kamar mandinya Full pakai batu alam, mau dapur yang besar, dll.

OK Guys semoga bermanfaat yah.. And here's the sneak peak of my little tropical home.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Dream BathRoom

These are the pic that I took at Rimba Papua Hotel or most of you would know it as Sheraton Timika Hotel. I'm crazy with the design of its bathroom. It is elegant, clean and have a tropical sense. One of my friend told me that using Batu Alam is more expensive than tile floor... Well, we could always find a solution right...?
Meanwhile, enjoy the pic!

Antipodean Cafe at Kemang Jkt

Hello kamyuuu... Seperti yang kamu tau, saya suka sekali dengan lingkungan neighbourhood Kemang Jaksel. Selain karena di area itu banyak toko buku, cafe dan Coffee Shop juga Yoga studio, Kemang juga area rumah tempat tinggal 2 sahabat baik saya sejak kuliah: Lizzie dan Cindy. Jadi hampir tiap hari saat cuti, saya pasti ke Kemang. Entah hanya untuk lihat buku impor di Periplus atau sekedar untuk breakfast.
Nah kali ini saya and Heng Nyobain Breakfast di Antopodean Cafe. Asik bener cafe ini sudah buka sejak pagi Which is fun karena biasanya kita udah kelaparan sejak jam 8 pagi tapi mall and Plaza biasanya belum buka kecualinya Starbuck ya makk heheheh
Anyway the food is great... Cafenya ga terlalu gede tapi Comfy abissss soalnya banyak buku and majalah... Import magazine are everywhere in the room and that's why banyak Expat juga yg mam di sini...
Jgn lupa coba hot chocolate and strawberry croissant With egg Benedict yah...

This Week...

Prita is leaving the town. Erly is having 1 month vacay out of job site. Iliam is on and off High land and low land. So I only have Carolyne Tobing for breakfast, lunch and diner sharing our days together... Olyne went to Universitas Indonesia and took secretary as her major study, she's in charge for all benefits in the company including medical and employee's right such travel allowance, rewards, etc. she just like our living policy hihihi :) jadi tiap gue mao reimburse medical, kaca mata, or check bonus mid year selalu si Olyne inilah yg gue BBM hihihi. Love her much!


Hello Bloggers...
I have a new addiction since I'm using iPhone... It is the Instagram application... If you're using iPhone or Samsung with Android system in it hmmm you should play with Instagram! It's like a new social network with lots of pics... You cud take photo and upload it and or even retouch and modify the photo ... It's so fun...

Anyway here's some of pics I took with Instagram application...
Now it's your turn to play... Download and add me @NisyeWoru

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

sunday brunch

...dan tak ada yang lebih menyenangkan untuk menghabiskan akhir pekan di kota tambang ini selain berkumpul bersama sahabat, hanya untuk bersenda-gurau, bercanda dan menikmati kuliner ;-) *lovely Baby Kael is sleeping in my hands. Rani, this cute little baby is mine!

good things are worth to wait...

Apa kabar rumah BSD... Syukur banget udah tahap akhir :-) Kemarin kita nengokin si Caspia ini, ternyata oohh ternyata UNGU ya bok warnanyeee :-) Can't wait to see our home sweet home to be finished... Saya sudah mengkhayal design kitchen set dan belanja furniture di Vinoti atau Vivere, juga pilah pilih sofa di Savannah Kemang ;-p hihihi :-) Lovely home sweet home... Karena inilah alasan saya tetap bekerja, lembur-lembur sampe malem, pokonya kalau liat rumah ini kayanya semua kerja keras terbayar sudah ;-) As what people say: good things are worth to wait...and in my case: it's our BSD home.*Can't wait!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Kopi Ateng at Ambas

Hi Lovelies...There's one coffee shop at food court Ambas which served Indonesia's Arabica Coffee with an affordable price. We loved the Toraja Coffee also the Bali Kintamani! If You're Luwak lovers, don't worry, they have it too...Go there and have a try ;-p(Ambasador Mal at Kuningan Jakarta)

Tea Party at Nisye's Kamoro Home

This is how we enjoy mining town nowadays... Yess, by having a friendship tea party, and this time we're having it at my Kamoro Home :-) How lovely when all of my best girls gathered with their best look! We decided to have bandanas for our hair... How cute is that!! Erly made tasty hot ginger tea and all of us just happy having chit-chat together... We just discovered that before moving here, Rani worked as a Stylist at Cosmo Girl Magazine Jkt few years ago... She cud just help us mix and match our dress, isn't it wonderful? I always feel like I don't have enough clothes to wear every morning before going to work but in fact, I have 4 overloaded cubbies to store my wardrobes hakhakhak :-) LOL! So on that afternoon, we begged Rani to help us :-) Lovely time! The message is clear: no matter where you are, you're always need a friend and a cup of tea to comfort your day!

and when you go I will remember...

Ini nih yang namanya Prita Setiyani, yang mau bantuin saya balik kerja lagi ke Freeport, yang percaya bahwa saya bisa lulus tes SHL, yang meyakinkan bos bahwa saya mampu kerja di Industrial Relations, yang tiap jam 11.30 nelponin untuk ngajakin makan siang bareng teman-teman... Ini nih yang namanya Prita Setiyani, yang percaya bahwa mimpi selalu dapat diraih dengan keuletan dan kerja keras, yang suka belanja tas dan baju tapi juga gila kerja, yang selalu produktif, yang selalu punya keinginan jadi perempuan bekerja dan memiliki karir, yang selalu menginspirasi saya untuk jadi ibu rumah tangga sekaligus mampu diandalkan di kantor... Mbak Prita yang ngajarin bikin contract di system kantor sampe nemenin milih catering masakan rumahan. Mbak Prita yang sama-sama penggila fashion, kami yang rela kerja sampe malem, lembur sampe weekend demi gaji dan bonus yang akhirnya akan kami belikan tas Coach dan sepatu. Mbak Prita yang seneng Zara dan Mango. Mbak Prita dan saya yang sama-sama bercita-cita punya bisnis resto dan butik di-usia 40an. Mbak Prita dan saya yang sama-sama berjanji akan resign satu saat nanti ketika suami kita sudah pada level jabatan Vice President... Mbak Prita dan saya yang sama-sama lahir dan besar di Jakarta lalu menikahi insinyur tambang namun tak pernah menyesal terdampar di satu kota tambang... Yang sama-sama merasa bahwa pekerjaan adalah suatu bentuk pelayanan... Mbak Prita dan saya yang sama-sama seperti saudara kandung, yang saling kangen apabila salah satu dari kami sedang cuti... Love you Mbak... Enough saying... This isn't goodbye. Some people could come and have a relationship with us for years... But only a few will left a mark.. and you.. You're one of my best Mbak... Take care and let's embrace life :-) (*sehabis nangis setelah dapet BBM pamitan dari Mbak Prita)