Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Only My Heart...

Hampir setiap minggu Heng mendapat banyak tawaran berkarir Overseas. Seperti akhir minggu lalu, sebuah Ausralian Mining yang puluhan kali meninggalkan pesan di voice mail, sekaligus email-email profesional yang sudah tak terhitung jumlahnya. Sudah ada puluhan interview yang selalu berujung pada kalimat "a very interesting job, a good offering, but still I wanna be here..."

Sudah ratusan kali kita berdua membahas bahwa We're both too young to get settled down in one place, too young to stay in one company. We're both agreed that life is all about making choices, and that We cud never see any success before We take a chance and jump on it.

But it seems like, there's no "Aha Moment" for both of us to take a serious step. The story has always been "in between", like:

I wanna go,
He prefers to stay.

I wanna fly,
He wants to sit down and relax.

I want the adventure,
He loves the game.

I want to play,
He needs a break.

And so, I cudn't say anything else. What more could I say. I have to face it. He loves what He's doing rite now. He valued his current job so badly. This mining site has captived His heart.

He loves his job-desc so bad, even I cud never even break his passion. Too strong and too hard for me to face it.

And so I came at the end of the road, telling him these sentences:

"If I'm crying loud, don't Listen to it..."

"It's only my heart..."


And at one point, I just have to let my heart be happy for him.