Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hello Lovelies, do you happen to know what is the meaning of insanity?

To me, insanity means: doing same things OVER and OVER again in every possible opportunity but hoping to see different results!

Lately, I finally know that I am terribly insane for having same thoughts and same dreams for continuing my study abroad.

I know, I know, Yes I know that I had spent 6.5 years to finish my psychology degree, went to Phoenix to get a certificate course in Supervision Management and now working in Industrial Relations Dept.

Dita, a good friend of mine, asked me the other nite: Hon, dont you ever get tired of school? Dont you think that what you got rite now is enough?


Apparently, I dont!

Call me crazy, call me insane. But I got to do what I wanna do.

I was lucky enough that from ALL Desire that I've been wanting to do in this world, continuing education is one important thing Heng considered. He knows exactly how my tears and pain when We were in front of the University of Phoenix's door, starring the walls and felt really numb because either one of us cud afford to pay the tuitition fee. Cud you all imagine it? We were there, We were at the magnificient school, We were living in The United States of America, but unfortunately We're just cudnt achieve it! Damn!

So for whatever reason is, He shows such a big support to me.

Dia bilang cuma bilang:
"Kalo itu hal yang kamu mau banget, go ahead. I wont stop you. I know your heart. Aku ga mau satu hari nanti saat kita udah sama-sama tua dan renta, lalu kamu masih penasaran dan nyalahin aku karena gak ngijinin kamu. Just because We are married dan kamu harus nurut aku yang kepala rumah tangga, bukan berarti kamu kehilangan kebebasan mengejar mimpi dan cita-cita kamu. Aku hanya gak mau kamu nyesel..."

Udah aja dong itu kalimat penutup yang boost-up my energy to go and grab my dreams.

I'm insane.
Yes I am.

What about you, Ladies? Do you ever want something so bad and cudnt even forget about it? If yes, go get your dream and stay insane like me!