Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Week's Fave

Hello Lovelies!

I kinda have such a good mood this full week, since my boss is also havin' a good mood hahahah :-)
Although my work load is still huge and heavy, but I thank God that The Lord always surrounded me with nice people who always encouraging me, including my BFF!

Anyway, how are you Ladies? Hope all good!

I just wanna share some of my fave that came across my mind lately, (and some of my obsession) too :-)
what's yours? Tell me!

Fave music:

* Colbie Caillat - I Do (Gosh... Her video clip reminds me of California...) Loving her voice, also her face is a typical of Californian girl: blossoming, with a tanned skin.

* Rihanna - Who's that chick - Rihanna's music is somekinda cool and so edgy!

* Chris Brown - Yeah 3X (Tuhan, tolong... Nanti anaknya saya bisakah dibuat ganteng macam ini org?)

* Maroon 5 - I Never wanna Leave this Bed

* J.Lo - On The Floor (sungguh mati, badannya kok keren banget ya?) Isn't she 40 somethin'?


* Batik Chic - Lasem Batik Tulis Handbags warna Merah, Biru, Kuning dan Hijau :-) Since the one that I have rite now is the Pinky pinky Gendongan Batik Tulis with Cobra leather... Yuhuuuu I'll post it later on...

* LV Vernish Red Color GM


* Ipad 2 - I'm craving for this gadget since in my office there's a wify connection ;-) But I only buy this once if I crashed my macbook hahhaha ;-p I keep on saying I have macbook and not needed the Ipad but my heart could never resist it! Crazy! hahahha :-)

* Iphone 4G, white series- What is it about the Apple product? (They're taking me to the wildest dream ever!) I need this phone so I could check my office email wherever I am hahahah :-) What a cool reason huh?!

Vacation spot:

* Santorini - Greece : Lord please make my dream come true *_* wink wink

* Raja Ampat, Papua - Little heaven in the east of Indonesia :-)


* Table 8 at Mulia Senayan

Alright Dolphins, Let's get back to real life and keep our spirit and dream Alive!