Monday, April 11, 2011

You Make My Heart Dancing

A month ago Heng went to Mexico City and having himself transit at Narita Airport, Tokyo. He's so sweet that he knows I'm wanting the Hermes Birkin Bag like crazy, since forever... He decided to go to that Hermes store after He saw the Orange one (either blue and orange that make my heart pumping)...

He asked the price to the sales attendant, then run to the telephone and called me:

"Honey, you never mentioned about the USD 8000 thing, I didnt know the price is that high..." (sighh...)

I was laughing so hard by that time!

I probably laughing to hard and suddenly He started saying a sentence that I would never ever forget for the rest of my life:

"Honey... I will buy you that purse, one day You'll have it, I promise you..."


I stopped laughing. On that very afternoon, I know for sure He's trying hard to please me, to make me happy, to have me enjoying this life with him.


No probs honey, If one day you're not, life is still beautiful as for I know, You are there to dance me!

It's not just about the purse, but it's your heart that makes me dance!