Sunday, April 10, 2011

What I Really Really Want To Do...

feels like it's been forever I havent updating this blog.
As usual, life is been busy.

Here's the list what I really really want to do:

- Staring The Caspia BSD all day long and daydreaming bout the interior design :-p

- Bali. Need a vacation so bad. Sun bathing and doing nothing.

- AMINEF!!! This time for sure.

- Shopping a gold bracelet like what Mely had ;-) Jayapura's Gold is the best!

- GYM! Doing sport. Shaping back my body. Gosshhh I've no time to do it!

- Library. Need to read books and fashion magazines.

San Fransisco. LA. New York, and Seattle! anyway, Saya pingin ke Seattle!!!