Sunday, March 20, 2011

Me and Him...

Been so busy for the past months. Job is like crazy and hectic. Got home late at night every day. Go to work on Saturday and Sunday. Too many reports, too many things to do.

And so, after thinking hard and having a discussion with Heng i finally make a decision.

I'm gonna quit. i'm resigning.

I dont wanna put my relationship on a risk. I don't wanna make my life miserable. This job is killing me. It's consuming my marriage. It became a monster in my relationship.

Not quite sure what I'm gonna do for the next following months after May 1, 2011 but one thing for sure: I wanna become a productive woman.

I wanna become a happier person.

I wanna embrace this life.

I wanna walk the future with less stress.


I'm not afraid of trying something new.

I wanna see the world with Hengky.