Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Lord...

Lord God,
If one day I woke up and lose my hope,

Let my eyes see
that Your Will is way better
than my dreams....


Couple weeks ago Heng was interviewed by a Canadian based company thas has one gold mining operation in Guanajuanto, Mexico. Chris B - The Vice President himself had spent one full hour havin' a great discussion (It was more look like a discussion to me rather than an interview session) with ofcourse my lovely guy: Heng.

I don't really know why both of us wanna move out (or resigning from Freeport) but, seems like there's many other challenges and opportunities out there waiting for us to grab them... Compensation and benefit isn't really our top priority. Opportunity to conquer the world would probably one of the top reason. Also, to see other challenge working with the expat is another cool one :-)

Chris B- The VP Operations have arranged both of us having site visit to the mining area at Guanajuanto, Mexico at the end of November this year and ofcourse they're hoping to get Heng hired as soon as possible after the offering and administrative procedures are done.

We're both are so excited especially Heng. He will be working the same Long/Short Range Planning for this mining company as a project manager (it sounds really reaally cool huh?). They kinda like Heng because I guess between Heng and the company have same chemistry (especially Chris B, they both seems like an old friend).

And so, Heng went to Mexico Embassy and got his Visa!!! He got the visa within 1 hour and everything went well. But then a ring from jobsite shocked both of us. One of Heng's foreman (whom is our bestfriend too) got a terrible fatal accident. They sent him right away to the hospital and because he lost lots of blood, after couple days at the ICU room our best friend passed away.

This was a big shocked for both of us. Not because of the accident. It's about a sign. The universe. The earth. The Lord. Communication. Contemplation. Human. Plan. Will.

We're havin' our quiet moment right now. We need some more time to contemplate. We both need The Lord to guide our way.

One question passes our mind every single day:

"Lord, if this isn't Your will, then please let our eyes see, tell us that Your plans are way better than our dreams..."