Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Kinda Weekend!

My kind of weekend is waking up 8am in the morning, having a cup of hot jasmine tea with Hengky, then go jogging/hiking while Hengky enjoying taking some pics of the surroundings, after that we both have a great lunch and go to any bookstore all day long reading magz n books with a cup of watermelon juice standing right next to my arm hehehe.

Well now, since there are no bookstores here, Heng n I change it to enjoy our town's library which has lots of mags n books, no hot choco there but I'm pretty happy with it. As long as I get any mags to wash my brain then I'm all OK.

When we lived in Jakarta, weekend is another thing hohoho weekend to me means visiting any shopping center to spend money or to just window shopping n left with unnecessary things hahahaha.

When we lived in Phoenix, ohh boy.. Weekend is another story! Weekend means travelling, weekend means enjoying festivals, let me say; weekend means sightseeing USA hehehe. I never been expose to any traveling idea before living in state hahaha.
Well, I guess everthing is up to us what kind of weekend we want to have. Right now I'm focusing more on the quality of it. How me n Hengky get fresh n energize to go back to the routine.

I don't mind with spending weekend at home n reading Paulo Coelho's novel n eating strawberry ice cream...

Because weekend isn't always about places we go or things we do and not even where we go shopping, but it talks about how we energize our mind.. It talks more about moments maybe a short moments during your routine to refressh, recharge and rebooth your mind..

So now, tell me about you're kind of weekend, best palsss...