Monday, July 13, 2009

A Sweet Temptation From Gucci...

Why the hell on earth that Gucci is having a Spring/Summer sale right on this month!

It's where the month that I promised myself not to act like a compulsive buyer anymore!

It's the month when I'm trying hard to let go my "single life" behavior and to act like a fully responsible fiancee!

But why the hell on earth this beautiful creature never fade from my mind!

I can't even think anything else besides this little tiny and sweet temptation!

"drooling... tempting...and totally speechlessss..."

Pic from

Gucci Spring Summer Collection 2009 Boston Bag

MSRP $695
Sale Price $419

(Giliran pas gua ultah, barangnya kagak diskon... Kalo pas gua ultah kan my baby ga usah pusing2 nyariin kado ya hahhaha)