Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Heart Tucson!

I heart Tucson because:

- Tucson is small city, no hustle and bustle, no crowded and crazy traffic!
- Tucson has a cooler weather than Phoenix, not to hot, not to cold, perfect for me who can't handle cold & snowy weather :-p
- Tucson is a perfect blend of Spanish, Indian and American culture all in one place!
- Tucson is a home for the famous University of Arizona, one of the best Uni in west coast area and seems like Mas Heru has a deep crush with this campus!
- Tucson has a great scenic view resort hotel named: Hilton El Conquistador! What a bold name for a hotel :-P
- Tucson has a small yet affordable shopping center named: Foothills Mall! Hahhahah :-) We pay only 6.1% for the tax (pretty good thing coz in Phoenix area we pay 8.1% tax and oooh, try California with their 10.1% of tax! Urghhh...)
- Oooh and yes, we can always reach Tucson within just 1.5 hour of driving from Phoenix, yeahhh!!!

.....Tucson, 'til we meet again, sweetheart!................

(Wanna know more about Tucson? kindly click: www.visittucson.org)